National Juneteenth Observance Foundation  Nevada 
2020- 2021

Together, we will see Juneteenth become a National Day of Observance 

Las Vegas Juneteenth Events

Bridging the DigItal Divide/ Birth of Soul City Wi-Fi May 1, 2020 began as a partnership between the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) and Harrison House. One of the NJOF mission position’s is to bridge the digital divide in distressed communities across America. 

Moulin Rouge Site Community Clean up Las Vegas NV May 23, 2020

The NJOF / The Moulin Rouge Coalition needs to use the coming weeks to outline and assemble the necessary components needed to produce this entity. This will begin with community involvement, cleaning the site of the famed former casino /hotel The support and cooperation of community members, local and national groups, elected officials, funders, marketers, broadcasting and talent will all need to work together to accomplish this.

Moulin Rouge Jaz A Thon  Las Vegas NV May 29, 2020

The Moulin Rouge Coalition, operated under the guidance of The Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce enlists your support to produce a live public legacy event on the site of the Moulin Rouge May 29, 2020, pending the resolution of the current situation. In the event that we are still under advisement to stay in place, plans are being made to live stream entertainers and speakers. Of course, the understanding is that if the current situation continues to the end of May time period, the onsite event will not occur or will be rescheduled to a later date.

We plan to establish an annual occurrence to commemorate the fabulous Moulin Rouge and reinstate it into its proper place in history. These commemorations will enhance the economic engine, and assist in the rebuilding of the Historic West Las Vegas community. The annual Moulin Rouge Festival will bring international attention to the story and history of the Moulin Rouge Casino, shining a light on the accomplishments which led to the signing of the Moulin Rouge Agreement in 1960, ending racial discrimination on the Las Vegas Strip.

We Are The Juneteenth World, Raising of the Juneteenth Flag June 1, 2020

On the first Monday in June, the Juneteenth Flag will rise at 12 Noon cst across the United States and Mexico. Due to the time difference, Guam and Japan participants will be asked to raise their flag at an appropriate time for them. The Nevada commemoration will take place at the Las Vegas City Hall. There are plans to project the authorized, trademarked Juneteenth flag on the side of Las Vegas City Hall.

Raising of the Juneteenth Flag Henderson June 4, 2020


Join the Nevada Juneteenth CARAVAN on June 19th 
Staging Area will Be The Harrison House on F Street
Over to Adams
Down H Street to Revere
Enter Craig Ranch Park 
Meet Us By the Basketball Courts
NJOF Presents the Juneteenth Family Reunion Craig Ranch Park June 19, 2020
 The National Juneteenth Observance Foundation, NJOF, will be presenting the 1st Annual Family Reunion BBQ. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are producing a program that can incorporate the national Juneteenth goals and program in a safely controlled environment of small group gatherings of 10 or less to enjoy education and entertainment associated with the NJOFNV celebrations and commemorations. 

 Miss Nevada Juneteenth Pageant Craig Ranch Park June 19, 2020

The National Juneteenth Observance Foundation, NJOF, will be presenting the 1st Annual National Miss Juneteenth Pageant in Memphis TN, October 16-18, 2020. NJOF NV is in the process of developing a program to allow a local student, age 18 to 21, to be a part of the national event. NJOF NV will be joining several existing Juneteenth pageants

The Pageants are designed to encourage young ladies to embrace their diversity and culture while pursuing higher education goals. The NJOF believes it is important to assist young ladies in their educational aspirations, while showcasing women of color in a way that inspires the youth to see young black women represented on a national pageant platform.

In 2020, we will produce our first national pageant bringing the winners of the local state groups together for the first time. Nevada has not previously produced pageants, directing our energies on legislation and education but will endeavor to join the Juneteenth family with a scholarship pageant for young ladies ages 18 to 21 to elevate exposure to the history of Juneteenth.

NJOF is a grassroots organization made up of Juneteenth representatives in all 50 states. 
For More Information, Call: 888.509 NJOF (6563)